Master Schedule

Master Schedule

Start where you left off.
Explore the power of grit
Master Scheduler creates or imports a Gantt style CPM schedule
Foreman break down the master schedule by breaking apart model objects and adding detailed tasks
Grit's AI combines CPM and Last Planner to re-constrain construction sequence
Review the generated construction sequence in a horizontal bar chart and in 4D
The project team reviews and commits to prioritized backlog of work.
As work is completed, Grit uses estimates vs actuals to find a better schedule in real time
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you import a schedule from another tool?

Yes! We use CSV to import master schedules from traditional CPM tools such as Project and P6. We can also import milestones and PPC reasons.

What sectors do you specialize in?

Grit serves the commercial and industrial construction sectors. These are the areas the founders of Grit are from.

Do we have to use VR?

No. Grit is built to work completely within the Web and iPad applications. While there are some additional set up costs to use VR, there are significant benefits as well. Talk with a Grit representative about this.