Historical 4D & 4Cast

Historical 4D & 4Cast

Your project's time machine.

Visualize historical activity as it actually happened, or jump forward to any point in time to prepare for the future.

Your Last Planner’s planning information is massively powerful. Put it into context. Grit’s 4D animation engine provides context into the execution of different sequencing options. This allows everyone on the team to understand the implications of the scheduling strategy.

Grit automatically prioritizes and sequences work to be completed. 

View the schedule however you want, Master (custom ranges), 6-week, 3-week, Next-Week, This-Week and Daily. Due to Grit’s detail of scheduling, what used to take four different planning processes now is seamlessly integrated into one solution.

Finally, we capture and display actual completion data. Never before has there been such a detailed audit of actual jobsite activity, let alone in 4D interface.

By embracing the team, the Last Planner System has been proven to build more reliable schedules.
Utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence to simulate, prioritize and sequence workflows on your project.
No, we don’t mean alerts. No, we don’t mean notifications. A true "Living Schedule".
With a 60 second learning-curve, everyone has access allowing true collaboration.
Visualize historical activity as it happened, or jump forward to prepare for the future.
Weekly coordination meetings as they should be. Collaborative, Targeted, and of course, Model-Driven.