scheduling software is difficult to use and has remained unchanged for a long time. grit doesn’t aim to replace your scheduling solution, but rather to replace the deliverable that comes from it. 
so much effort is spent building construction schedules. Grit puts that effort to a higher and better use, focusing on using the data, not a document. 
99% of your project team won’t ever have access your scheduling software but all affect and are affected by what comes from it. 
your team deserves more than a pdf.


While Grit isn't especially for you, we take your masterpiece and allow project teams to explore it at will, eliminating much of the custom exports you need to create.

Sup's, PM's

Grit creates a collaborative platform that allows all parties to explore the schedule at will, answering many of the questions you would otherwise be asked.


Grit allows trade contractors to explore the schedule as it matters to them. No more digging through a 50 page PDF looking for the activities that pertain to your scope.

All parties can filter by Scope, Submittal, RFI, Material or Equipment making this a dynamic, explorable experience.
1, 3, and 6-week Lookaheads allow teams to focus on the near term. Filtering and search allow for enhanced analysis.
Connect Submittals and RFIs from Procore directly to activities, allowing live tracking of material and information procurement throughout the schedule.
Using Kanban Board or Flow views, Grit feeds your schedule through a backlog of work for commitments, starts and completions…
Import your BIM elements to connect to schedule activities to visualize and coordinate work areas and quantify resource usage.
Similar to 4D, teams can draw their workspace for each activity to visualize sequence and mitigate against congestion.