Grit provides the most reliable and responsive workflows for construction planning available

Grit beta will launch Spring 2018!


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Virtual Pull Planning

Crew leaders can independently estimate durations, crew size, and cross-trade dependencies. This unlocks an industy-first level of granularity

Automated Plan Generation

We take the input data and automatically generate the most effective workflows, too complex for any human planner

Interactive Scheduling

Through our scheduling dashboards, we give construction professionals insight to make more informed decisions than ever before

Construction has a “faster horse” problem

Henry Ford is (excessively) quoted as stating, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” For decades construction softwares have digitized blueprints and the processes that manage them, but digital blueprints are just a faster horse: the faster version of a manual process. Using discs to transfer files so someone can print plans in the office... read more

Build the world like you build software

Back in the days of waterfall project management in software, the complete design of a system was completed before a single line of code was written or an end user even understood what the product looked like, not to mention how it would function. By the time the product was visible enough for engineers, programmers and end users to view it, there were often challenges and required alterations brought to light... read more