Last Planner Input

Last planner input

embrace the power of your team.

The Last Planner System has been proven to build more reliable schedules, by embracing the aggregate knowledge of the project team.

While analog processes empower the collaborative nature of a meeting, they also produce a lot of waste. Synchronizing schedules to get the right stakeholders in the same room at the same time is difficult. Analog information gets lost between stakeholder handoffs and these meetings take way too much of everyone’s time.

What if you could have all the knowledge, without the waste? All of the collaboration, within the context of the BIM, captured anytime from anywhere.

 …would be pretty awesome, right?

Welcome to Grit.

Explore the power of grit
By embracing the team, the Last Planner System has been proven to build more reliable schedules.
Utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence to simulate, prioritize and sequence workflows on your project.
No, we don’t mean alerts. No, we don’t mean notifications. A true "Living Schedule".
With a 60 second learning-curve, everyone has access allowing true collaboration.
Visualize historical activity as it happened, or jump forward to prepare for the future.
Weekly coordination meetings as they should be. Collaborative, Targeted, and of course, Model-Driven.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you import a schedule from another tool?

Grit creates the Plan and Schedule all within the software. While importing a Gantt/CPM style schedule would vastly limit your available construction sequences, we do utilize a schedule import for use in Milestone comparisons.

What sectors do you specialize in?

Grit serves the commercial and industrial construction sectors. These are the areas the founders of Grit are from.

Do we have to use VR?

No. Grit is built to work completely within the Web and iPad applications. While there are some additional set up costs to use VR, there are significant benefits as well. Talk with a Grit representative about this.