contribute. engage. benefit.

Let your voice be heard.

Subcontractors have the most advanced knowledge about their scope of work, so make sure that knowledge is being utilized in the project schedule. 

Grit puts the power back in your hands, and takes away the annoyance of being force-fed a schedule.

Make your voice heard. Your expertise will help to identify dependencies and bottlenecks that a master planner would miss. No more “parking-lot meetings” after the meeting to ensure everything is taken into consideration.

Have you ever mobilized and been blocked by another subcontractor’s work? (That NEVER happens, right?) You’ll always have the most up-to-date information regarding how your work interacts with all other trades ensuring you have a productive amount of work available to your workforce.

You’ll always be one step ahead of any roadblocks, as Grit will notify you of any plan deviations and automatically calculate contingencies around them.

Not to mention…

  • Automatic 1-week, 3-week, and 6-week look-aheads for Make Ready operations.
  • Complete audit of each activity, with a log to know who was responsible for what and when.
Master Scheduler creates or imports a Gantt style CPM schedule
Foreman break down the master schedule by breaking apart model objects and adding detailed tasks
Grit's AI combines CPM and Last Planner to re-constrain construction sequence
Review the generated construction sequence in a horizontal bar chart and in 4D
The project team reviews and commits to prioritized backlog of work.
As work is completed, Grit uses estimates vs actuals to find a better schedule in real time