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Schedulers: ever feel left out?

Master schedulers often tell us that they feel there is another, “real” schedule on the jobsite.

Master schedules are detailed to a level to recommend realistic deliverables or milestones. The production schedule created by the field team, on the other hand, is detailed enough to manage day-to-day work. This process, which manages handoffs between trades, makes ready work packages, commits and executes tasks is largely disconnected from the project’s master schedule.

Grit Virtual is the first scheduling solution that allows continual data flow from Master through Daily Huddles and back. Stop recreating your schedules every month based on variation. Get Grit to automatically track against your Master Schedule, with data flowing directly from those performing the work. 

Not to mention…

  • Automatic 1-week, 3-week, and 6-week look-aheads for coordination.
  • Complete audit of each activity, with a log to know who was responsible for what and when.
Master Scheduler creates or imports a Gantt style CPM schedule
Foreman break down the master schedule by breaking apart model objects and adding detailed tasks
Grit's AI combines CPM and Last Planner to re-constrain construction sequence
Review the generated construction sequence in a horizontal bar chart and in 4D
The project team reviews and commits to prioritized backlog of work.
As work is completed, Grit uses estimates vs actuals to find a better schedule in real time