Owners & Architects

Be in the know.

how is your project going?

If you can order a toothbrush online and see when it will arrive, shouldn’t you know when you will gain occupancy to your building?

Grit’s data is both practical and usable, with incredible project review capabilities. Your General Contractors will have actionable insight into the work of each subcontractor, ultimately saving you time and money on your project.

Grit provides quantified implications of anything that occurs, offering insight and advice on delays. You’ll also be able to request data on what percent of the original plan was completed and causes for any setbacks.

Not to mention…

  • Automatic 1-week, 3-week, and 6-week look-aheads for coordination.
  • Complete audit of each activity, with a log to know who was responsible for what and when.
By embracing the team, the Last Planner System has been proven to build more reliable schedules.
Utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence to simulate, prioritize and sequence workflows on your project.
No, we don’t mean alerts. No, we don’t mean notifications. A true "Living Schedule".
With a 60 second learning-curve, everyone has access allowing true collaboration.
Visualize historical activity as it happened, or jump forward to prepare for the future.
Weekly coordination meetings as they should be. Collaborative, Targeted, and of course, Model-Driven.