Project Managers

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Grit acts as a digital liaison between parties on a jobsite, capturing and demystifying production data that makes or breaks projects. 

How much of your time is spent understanding what has to be done, how long will it take to get done, and then after the fact, what actually got done?

Gantt charts are only as good as the data input into them. No matter the experience of a Master Planner, no one knows as much as everyone. Information from Last Planners is truly accurate and reliable, coming from experts on each subject matter. You’ll have actionable insight into the work of each subcontractor and the ability to actually see what you’re up against.

Grit can run simulations based on different resource allocations or simply allow Grit to recommend them.

Grit provides quantified implications of anything that occurs on your site, offering insight and automated contingency plans on delays. Percent Complete is automatically captured at a level of granularity that simply isn’t available elsewhere. These can assist in payment applications, delay notices, and analyzing Percent Plan Complete. Grit’s reporting is second to none.

You’ll always have contingency plans at the ready as Grit constantly adjusts based on plan deviation. This “Living Schedule” listens to daily reports from crews in the field mitigating against delays and taking advantage of gains. As project teams monitor this version of the schedule, they can simply activate the schedule and a Change Report is emailed to all affected parties, showing how their work is adjusted. 

Not to mention…

  • Automatic 1-week, 3-week, and 6-week look-aheads for coordination.
  • Ability to show owners how design decisions are affecting the occupancy date.
  • Complete audit of each activity on your jobsite, the ability to easily know who was responsible for what and when.
All parties can filter by Scope, Submittal, RFI, Material or Equipment making this a dynamic, explorable experience.
1, 3, and 6-week Lookaheads allow teams to focus on the near term. Filtering and search allow for enhanced analysis.
Connect Submittals and RFIs from Procore directly to activities, allowing live tracking of material and information procurement throughout the schedule.
Using Kanban Board or Flow views, Grit feeds your schedule through a backlog of work for commitments, starts and completions…
Import your BIM elements to connect to schedule activities to visualize and coordinate work areas and quantify resource usage.
Similar to 4D, teams can draw their workspace for each activity to visualize sequence and mitigate against congestion.