VDC for Foremen

VDC for foremen

virtual planning environments.

There’s a reason why there are still issues found in the field. 

Often, Foremen never interact with the BIM in a meaningful way (No. Pinch, swipe and zoom are not meaningful.) The first time they are introduced to the 3D context of an object is typically during install, way past the point of addressing issues and mitigating work stoppage. When so much of our project’s management is based in 3D, why should one of the most important roles be left out?

Catch issues earlier by allowing Foremen to immerse themselves in the model. This intimate interaction with a coordinated model allows issues to be caught sooner, before they delay your project. Not to mention with a 60 second learning-curve, you’re able to extract the knowledge of your foreman and engage it in your construction scheduling. 

Explore the power of Grit
By embracing the team, the Last Planner System has been proven to build more reliable schedules.
Utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence to simulate, prioritize and sequence workflows on your project.
No, we don’t mean alerts. No, we don’t mean notifications. A true "Living Schedule".
With a 60 second learning-curve, everyone has access allowing true collaboration.
Visualize historical activity as it happened, or jump forward to prepare for the future.
Weekly coordination meetings as they should be. Collaborative, Targeted, and of course, Model-Driven.