Real-Time Updates

real-time updates

the "wikipedia" of schedules.

Most softwares today promise some aspect of “Real-Time Updates”. No, we don’t mean alerts. No, we don’t mean notifications. Updates.

Updates as in capturing a deviation from the plan, quantifying its impact and automatically responding with a contingency.

Imagine you are headed to a new destination and you plug the address into a GPS system. As you travel down the route, you stop to grab some coffee. The GPS program acknowledges the delay and recalculates your ETA before you can even get back in the driver’s seat. By that time, additional traffic has formed on your route and a quicker route is prompted. This is the type of update that Grit creates in your construction schedule.

Every data-point, from every user, is analyzed for impact and acted upon immediately. No manual updates are required. Data flows from schedules to daily logs to historical 4D seamlessly.

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By embracing the team, the Last Planner System has been proven to build more reliable schedules.
Utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence to simulate, prioritize and sequence workflows on your project.
No, we don’t mean alerts. No, we don’t mean notifications. A true "Living Schedule".
With a 60 second learning-curve, everyone has access allowing true collaboration.
Visualize historical activity as it happened, or jump forward to prepare for the future.
Weekly coordination meetings as they should be. Collaborative, Targeted, and of course, Model-Driven.